I’m Mohd Shakir Ahmad.

I am a Product and Graphic Designer holding a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering. With a comprehensive background in product design, I am committed to contributing to the entire project life cycle—from ideation through implementation, with adept project management skills. My passion for solving problems through digital products has evolved over the years, and I specialize in crafting interfaces for cutting-edge devices such as smartphones and wearables. I firmly believe that a superior product is a harmonious blend of innovative design, seamless user experience, and advanced technology. In addition to product design, I excel in graphic design, creating impactful visuals for posters, logos, and social media posts.

My career story

I embarked on my professional journey as an assistant to a Chartered Accountant, gaining valuable insights into financial processes. Subsequently, driven by a passion for learning, I pursued a bachelor's degree. During this academic journey, I broadened my horizons by working as a medical lab assistant, gaining hands-on experience in the healthcare industry. However, my true calling led me to explore the realm of design. Determined to pursue my passion, I delved into the world of design, and today, I find myself at the intersection of diverse experiences, ready to contribute my skills and creativity to the field.