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I’m Shakir, a UX and Graphic designer based in India, reimagining better products, systems and services for people around the world.

Selected Work

Graphic Design


Crafting a Distinctive Brand Identity for Marketing and Advertising Excellence.

Graphic Design

Apex Analytica

Apex Analytica's Brand Identity and Digital Presence Enhancements.

Graphic Design

Healthy Food

A Social Media Showcase of Wholesome and Delicious Healthy Foods.

Graphic Design

The Turkish

Experience the Taste of Excellence with Our Thoughtfully Crafted Menu Posts.

Graphic Design

Bakery India

Exploring the Sweet and Savory World of Handcrafted Bakery Treats

Graphic Design

Captivating Moments

"Captivating Moments" is a personal project where I explored the art of visual storytelling through a series of poster designs.

Product Design

IRCTC Indian Railway

To enhance user experience, streamline navigation, and optimize functionality, we undertook a comprehensive redesign of the IRCTC website.

Product Design

Quantum Connect

Quantum Connect is an app to bridge faced by alumni in maintaining meaningful connections and accessing valuable resources.

Product Design

Rolling Reels

Designed a responsive website for a premium theater, enhancing user experience in browsing movie listings, checking showtimes, and booking tickets online.